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Members Area

This page and associated facility is under construction. This development will provide services and information exclusively for members of the Beneleux Railways Society and will be password protected. If you wish to join the society, please click the link below.

To enter the members area, please complete the boxes below. Your user name should be entered into the box like this - John Smith. Do not use middle initials.Your membership number will consist of 5 digits. Please prefix the number on your membership card with the approprate number of zero's. For example, membership number 99 will be entered as 00099.
Enter Members Area
User Name:
Membership Number:
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Please note that it will take some time for all membership numbers to come on to the system. If yours does not work or in the event of difficulty, please contact the webmaster.

Please note that if you have not given permission for your details to be stored on computer, you will be unable to access the members area. If you wish to change your election relating to data storage, you should write to the Membership Secretary.