l NS Class 1000

NS Class 1000 locomotives

The Class 1000 locomotives were the first electric locos of the NS. In the 1930s a large part of the railway netwerk in the west and middle of the country had been electrified and it was only logical that apart from apart from EMUs which already had been introduced a need arose for electric locomotives, especially for coal- and freight trains and long distance passenger duties.
In 1942 10 were ordered at the Swiss Oerlikon factories but because of the war conditions they couldn’t be delivered. This gave NS the opportunity to ask  for alterations of the design which was based on the Swiss Type Ae 4/6.
In 1947 and 1948 the first 3 1001 - 1003 were built by SLM in Winterthur (CH). The 1004 - 1010 were built by Werkspoor in Utrecht. At first the locos had an olive green livery but later received a Berlin blue coat.
In the summer of 1948 the 1000s entered service on the Eindhoven Amsterdam line, but because of heavy wear and tear they were mainly restricted to freight duties as from 1954 and for the same reason their maximum speed was brought back from 135 kph to 100 kph. From 1975 onwards the locos only worked in the south of the country because if they failed ,which happened quite regularly, they were never very far way from the depot in Tilburg. Concentrating the locos at one spot also the advantage that the number of drivers that had to be able to drive them could be kept low.    
When the first Class 1600 locos entered service in 1982 the last 6 remaining Class 1000 machines were withdrawn after 34 years of service.
1006 was withdrawn after a collision with 1156 in 1961 which also spelled the end of the latter.
1002 was withdrawn in 1974, 1004 and 1008 were withdrawn in 1980.
One machine, 1010, has been preserved in unservicable condition by Stibans.


Number range             1001 - 1010
Length                         16,22 m
Weight                         100 ton
Max speed                    135 kph
Axle arrangement        (1A) Bo (1A)

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