l NS Class 1500 Locomotives (BR Class EM2)
The NS Class 1500 locomotives were built by British Railways for the Manchester Sheffield Woodhead electrification. Known as EM2's the entire class of 7 were bought by NS which refurbished 6 of them for service in the Netherlands. They were finally withdrawn in 1986 and three are preserved, two in the UK and one in Holland.

Photo by Paul Rowlinson

Technical Details
Built:- 1954(formerly worked on the Manchester – Sheffield Line via Woodhead)
Traction Motors 6 Metropolitan – Vickers MV 146 axel – hung.
Continuous Rating 1932 kW (2590 hp )
Weight in full working order 98 tonnes
Max. Tractive Effort 200 kN (45000 lbf)
Length over buffers 18.10 m. ( 59’ 4⅝” )
Driving Wheel dia 1092 mm ( 3’ 7” )
Max. speed 135 km/h ( note that this is the NS maximum, and on BR they were limited to 90 mph.)
1505 No 1505 shown here at Rotterdam South yard on the final farewell tour. Photo by Paul Rowlinson
Line Up Another shot of all participating locomotives on the farewell tour. Photo by Paul Rowlinson
Electra Nameplate Close up of Electra's nameplate. Photo by Robert Palmer
1502 1502 by Robert Palmer


This photo by De Spoorplaat shows the orignnal BR livery for the class. This is 27003 at Bad Bentheim - date unknown


Another view of 27003 - Photo by De Spoorplaat

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