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Class 1700

Class 1700 and K4 Coaches

Picture by Henk Hartsuiker

Technical Details   Number Built 81
Number Series 1701-1781 Built 1992 - 1994
Builder GEC-Alsthom Wheel Arrangement B-B
Weight 86 Tonnes Length 17.6m
Wheel Dia 1.26m Max Speed 180KM/H
Tractive Effort 259KN Power (cont) 4540KW
No of Motors 2 (Monomotor)    
1769 at Zwolle - 5th September 2003 - Photo by Mike Pringle
NS 1441 NS 1741 at Amsterdam RAI 23 October 1995
Picture Bill Roberts
Based on the French design these locomototives were built following the Class 1600 into service. There initial function was to work with trains of 3 or 4 double decker coaches effectively becoming the power car of an EMU. Special automatic couplers were fitted as illustrated by the photo of 1741 above. This allowed two of the Double Decker units to work in multiple. In due course it was intended that they would be replced by Double Decker Motor Cars (mDDM). 50 such cars were purchased and the fleet was divided with Nos 1701-1730 remaining on Double Decker Duties and Nos 1731 - 1781 taking the place of Class 1600 which were then transferred to Railion for exclusive work on freight trains. (Some of these have been returned to NS Reizigers as Class 1800).
These Class 1700 now work on InterCity and EuroCity trains. Multiple working is possible but only one locomotive can draw power at any time to prevent current overload.
The Class 1700 have several improvements over Class 1600 inclusing Chopper Control.
NS 1716 at Amsterdam Centraal - 23 October 1995
Picture by Bill Roberts

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