l NS Class 2200

Loco number 2384 at Waalhaven yard 8th July 1996. Photo by Henk Hartsuiker







Loco number 2275 at Dordrecht on an engineers train. This loco was the only member of its class to keep maroon livery for its entire working life. Photo by Henk Hartsuiker 24th June 1991

Technical Details
Built 1955-58 Builder Allen 2201 - 2300
Schneider 2301-2350
Engine Snork Schneider Superior 40C-Lx-8 Power 670 watts at 1100rpm
Transmission Electric Traction Motors 4 x Heemaf TM98
Train Heating None Weight in working order 72 tonnes
Tractive Effort 181 Kn Length 14.1m
Wheel Dia. 950mm Max Speed 100Km/h
Nos 2260 to 2271 fitted with remote control gear   Nos 2271 to 2278 and 2282 to 2283 fitted with Radio Telephone  


Loco 2233 at Arnhem Station on 4th June 1996. This loco is now owned by VSM and apart from the muffler on the roof has been brought back to original condition. Photo by Henk Hartsuiker


Loco number 7606 (ex NS 2305) is seen at Tilburg station. This is one of the 25 locos sold by NS to NMBS for work on the high speed lines. They can also be seen in the docks at Antwerp - Photo by Henk Hartsuiker

Locos 2336, 2258, 2209 and 2346 are seen at Meppel station on an engineers train. The photographer reports that all engines were working. March 9th 1990 Phot by Henk Hartsuiker.


Loco 2384 at Botlek June 18th 1996 - Photo by Henk Hartsuiker


An unidentified class member in maroon livery - Photo by De Spoorplaat

Photo by De Spoorplaat

henk 14

Photo by Henk Hartsuiker

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