l Lokaalspoordiesellocomotieven series 450
The 10 locos of this class were built to operate on the many rural ‘tramlines’ serving the farming co-operatives in Friesland north of Leeeuwarden, around Groningen and the north west out towards Nieuweschans.Lines also ran south to Drachten and Steenwijk. The network was known at the NTM or Nederlandsche Tramweg Maatschappij extended over 350 kms before WW2. The WSM or Westlandsche Stoomtram Maatschappij also operated the type on the lines from Delft to the vegetable auction markets at Loosduinen. The locos were operated out of the depots at Delft, Steenwijk and Groningen.

In the 1960’s, the improvement of roads and the arrival of the motorways meant that road transport replaced the branch line network and the rural loading docks were closed. Of the 10 locos originally built, Nos. 452, 455 457 and 458 were withdrawn in 1971 and No. 451, 453, 454, 456, 459 and 460 were withdrawn in 1972. After a short 15 year career all went to the breakers yard, ‘Koek’ in Mijdrecht, except for No. 451, which was sold to the MBS, Museum Buurtspoorweg at Haaksbergen.

The MBS (nearesttranslation - Neighborhood Railway ) runs north between Haaksbergen, through the sidings at Zoutindustrie, and Boekelo, which was part of the line between Hengelo and Winterswijk serving the textile industry. There is a steam loco shed at Haaksbergen, the lines HQ, and a new maintenance building has been erected at Boekelo approx. 8 kms away. Visitors should make for Haaksbergen were there is plenty of parking with a restaurant, museum, bookshop and model railway. Special events take place through the year and the timetable runs every weekend from March through to November and midweek in July and August. Branch line steam locomotive restoration is of the highest quality with several interesting projects underway at present.

            No. 451 is a regular performer on hauling freight trains of authentic stock. The loco is usually stabled at Boekelo.


Technical details:-

            Built                  1956-1957, Werkspoor, Amsterdam.

            Overall length     8.900 metres.

            Weight              40 ton

            Max speed        65 kph

            Power output     330 hp.

Class 400

Photo by Rodney Beech

Ns 400

Photo by Rodney Beech


This photo show the cab interior view - Photo by Rodney Beech

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