l Acts Class 58 Locomotives


This class of locomotives continues a tradition of importing second hand ex UK locomotives! Somewhat like the Class 1500 before it, the Acts class 58 are EWS cast offs. Built for the British Rail freight operation these locomotives were designed with an eye for the export market with easy access and simple to maintain features. No orders were forthcoming and the class 58 was the last UK built mainline locomotive emanting from Doncaster works. Now all withdrawn and stored, a small batch has been scured for the ACTS operation and up to 5 machines are expected to follow 5811. Another 2 are working for GIF in Spain on high speed line construction duties alongside surplus Class 37's


No 5811 at Zutphen following delivery from the UK and undergoing safety systems checks befoire entering service between Rotterdam and Venlo. The loco is not fitted with the German Indusi signalling system and as yet cannot work into Germany- Photo by Rodney Beech

Technical Details

Number Scheme

5811 ex EWS 58039

5812 ex EWS 58044

5813 expected to be ex EWS 58038

5811 Zutphen

Another Shot of 5811 at Zutphen - Photo by RW Beech


Photo by RW Beech

Photo by Henk Hartsuiker


More Class 58's for ACTS

The contract between Acts and Vos Logistics has been extended by another 5 years and the train service now covers two daily return container trains from Rottgerdam to the North of the country. On hte strength of this contract, Acts is taking forward the leasing of another 3 EWS Class 58 locomotives and the first, 58046, to be ACTS 5813 is to be prepared at Toton. VOS branding may be carried and there is a rumour that the locomotive could be delivered ion Vos's house livery of black and orange. The remaining two locomotives are expected to be 58036 and 58038 bringing the total on hire to 5. There are also 14 in France and 8 in Spain which is 27 of the total number of machines built.

Of the exisiting pair, 5811 (58039) suffered a slow speed derailment in Maasvlakte yard on July 13th and will mean replacement wheelsets on one bogie. It is not clear whether these will be sourced from the UK.


Acts 5812 at the head of a Freightliner at Rotterdam CS on July 7th 2004



Photos by Henk Hartsuiker

The three photos below show the latest arrivals - 5814 (ex 58038) in hte livery of VOS Logistics.

vos 5814

vos 5814

vos 5814


5814 at Beekbergen on a Mercia Charters/ACTS railtour - 7th July 2007. Photo by Mr R W Beech


Acts 5812 at Leuwarden December 2008 - Photo by Henk Hartsuiker

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