NS Station Furniture
In common with most railway systems, NS has a distinct housestyle when if comes to station furniture. Below you will find some photos of vaarious things seen on and around Zwolle station in the 1980's. The photographs were taken to provide source material for the Engelsdrecht layout although we never actually got around to making them. The photos are provided to enable modellers to populae their stations with the right equipment some of which might now be available commercially.If anyone has any details of commercial products please contact the webmaster.
Name and advertising board This photo shows a standard NS nameboard incorporating advertising material
Running In Board This photo shows an and of platform running in boaard without adverts. The name is lit by internal flourescent lights
Clock This photo shows the standard NS Platform Clock
Litter Bin NS Litter Bin
Platform Seat Platform Seat with Adverts
Stavoren Platform number and route indicator at Stavoren
Station Nameboard Stavoren
This shot shows one of the roller blind next train indicators that were in use all over the NS system.
Station Signs Publicity shot showing pictograms and standard signs in use. Location unkown
Signs Advertising and station signs at Zwolle
Clock Spoor 20 at Zwolle - Clock and Indicator



Rookzone at Eindoven - Photo by Mike Pringle

The Rookzone was introduced to provide a dedicated area on platforms at which to smoke. These seem to be honoured more in the breach than in practice

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