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The Netherlands Double Decker coaching stock has an interesting history and is intertwined with that of the Class 1700 loco and mDDM power cars that were specifically built much later to haul them. Both mDDM and DDM coaches are covered here
mDDM Driver
Photo by Paul Stoddart van der Maarden
Technical Details - mDDM Power Car
Technical Details - Coaching Stock
 Number Series 50 84 26-37 101-115 (Bvk, second class Driving Trailer)
50 84 26-37 417-441(Bv, second class)
50 84 26-37 470-476 (Bv, rebuilt from ABv 601-607)
50 84 26-37 608-635 (ABv, first and second class)
50 84 26-37 801-816 (Bvf, rebuilt from 401-416)
Number built 29 ABv, 33Bv, 13 Bvk In service 22 ABv, 26 Bv, 13 Bvk, 14Bvf
Introduced 1984-86   Max Speed 140 km/h
Length 26.890m (Bvk)
26.400m (remaining)
Built by Talbot of Aachen
Seats 64f+68s ABv
148s Bv
112s Bvk
74/66s Bvf
Driving Car
Photo by Paul Stoddart van der Maarden

Photo by Henk Hartsuiker
The DDM stock was built for service in the province of North Holland which hasd been experiencing high passenger growth with restricted length platforms. After trials with French double decker stock had been tested, this new design was constructed by Talbot at its Aachen factory in Germany.Very wide doors are fitted at the coach ends and access to both levels is by staircase. The trains are either powered by Class 1700 or mDDM power cars. Driving trailers are fitted with pantographs that can beraised when not coupled to a driving unit to power the on board systems
ends Coupled
Photo by Paul Stoddart van der Maarden

Of the original build, 14 type Bv coaches were rebuilt into bycycle coaches for use on trains between Haarlem and Eindhoven/Maastricht. During the summer the lower deck seats are removed to stow bikes. The seats are put back in for the winter but are most uncomfortable on these long distance services


Motorcar 390 7710 with DD-AR set 7838 at Dordrecht station. The picture was taken near the west entrance of the station while the yard was empty.
(see "Virtual Daytrip" Nieuwsbrief 59 page 5) Photo by Henk Hartsuiker



The original series of DD-AR coaches is expected to be withdrawn in September 2010. The remaining 250 DD-AR coaches including the motorcars will be modernised and will get a new livery as well. There are going to be 25 sets of 4 cars and 25 sets of six cars which will be used for Intercity services. The first modernised set should be ready by the end of 2010 and the last one in 2013 and will be designated as DD-Z. 

The picture shows a DD-AR set with motorcar mDDM 390 7724 providing power at Dordrecht station on 4-6-2-10.Photo by Henk Hartsuiker


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