l SNCB Class 23 Locomotive
This is a Bo Bo Electric Locomotive that can run over the entire electrified SNCB System. It is similar in design to the class 25 and 26, and can work in multiple with the latter. The class is fitted with regenerative brakes and can be found on passenger and freight work

Photo by Brian Hemming

Technical Specifications
Built 1955 Builder (Mechanical) NIV
Number Series 2301 - 2383 Builder (Electrical) ACEC/SEMG
Traction Motors 4 x CF729 axle hung Power rating 1880Kw
Max Speed 130 Km/H Tractive Effort 196Kn
Weight 93.3 tonnes Length 18m
Driving Wheel dia, 1.262m Height 4.4m
Notes : 2383 has been fitted with special banking equipment. This consists of a pressure pad on the left hand buffer which is linked to a guage that measures the amount of tractive effort required.


No 2329 on containers at Brugge 23rd June 2003 - Phot by Mike Pringle


SNCB 2302 at Brugges 23-06-2003 - Picture by Mike Priongle


SNCB 2375 at Brugges 25th June 2003 - Photo by Mike Pringle

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