l SNCB Class 26 Locomotive
This class of locomotive was introduced in 1964-71 and is seen all over the SNCB system. It is fitted with multiple working allowing not only interworking within the class but also Class 23

SNCB 2621

Class 26 - 2621 at Stockem 29/9/1990 - Photo by Henk Hartsuiker

   Technical Information
Built 1964-71 Builder BN
Max Speed 130km/h Builder (Electrical) ACEC
Traction Motors 2 x 2ES508 frame mounted monomotor Tractive Effort 235Kn
One Hour rating 2580 Kw Weight 82.4tonnes
Length 17.25m Driving Wheel dia. 1150mm
Number Series 2601-2635    

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